City Deals Ontario

City Deals

Prices starting from January 6th to January 19th, 2022


This Weeks Highlights

Product Name Brand name City Deals Price


Product Name Brand name City Deals Price
Afghani Drifter 3.5g Greybeard $49
Retrograde 3.5g Haven St. $39
Sage N Sour 14g MTL $109
Gaelic Fire 3.5g Highland Grow $59
PreNup 3.5g Sugar Bud $39
Wedding Pie 28g Back Forty $139
Chocolate Cheesecake 3.5g Ness $35
Muskmelon OG 28g Broken Coast $229
BC Org. SFV OG Kush 3.5g Simply Bare $56
Sage N Sour 3.5g MTL $39
Amsterdam Sativa 28g Highly Dutch $159
Tangerine Twist 28g Spinach $155
Orangeade 3.5g Tenzo $39
BC Island Pink Kush 3.5g Simply Bare $59
Wappa 1g Redecan $9
Bandwagon Blue Dream 28g Homestead $149
Powdered Donuts 3.5g Ness $39
Freshly Baked #76 3.5g OGEN $45
Premium CBD Flower 3.5g Whole Hemp $17
BC God Bud 28g Verse $119
Pink Kush 28g Pure Sunfarms $139

Pre Rolls

Product Name Brand name City Deals Price
Sensi Star PR 2 x 0.5g 7Acres $14
Mango Haze PR 10 x 0.35g Color Cannabis $25
Apex PR 3 x 0.5g Msiku $21
White Wedding PR 3 x 0.5g Msiku $28
Animal Mints PR 10 x 0.35g Back Forty $23
Wedding Cake PR 3 x 0.5g Spinach $19
Meat Breath PR 3 x 0.5g Natural History $23
Sunset Mac PR 2 x 0.5g Qwest $25
Subway Scientist 1 x 1g RIFF $12
Black Cherry Punch PR 10 x 0.4g Redees $29
Funk Master J’s PR 14 x 0.5g SHRED $49
Pacific OG PR 3 x 0.5g Tantalus $17
Sky Pilot PR 3 x 0.5g Tantalus Labs $16
Gelato 33 x Tropic CKS PR 3 x 0.5g MSIKU $29
Afghani Drifer PR 5 x 0.5g Greybeard $49
Watermelon ZKTLZ PR 4 x 0.5g Tenzo $29
Fruity Pebbles PR 2 x 0.5g Citizen Stash $19
Cherry Punch PR 1 x 1g BLK MKT $19
Benny Blunto PR 3 x 0.5g The Loud Plug $27
Cold Creek Kush 5 x 0.5g Vertical $25


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