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Your voice has been heard

We want to highlight the new and existing initiatives we’ve implemented to serve you better.

We would like to thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us.

For months, we’ve been collecting feedback from our wonderful community. And, we’re taking your suggestions seriously. We’re committed to our community, and providing affordable, quality products and trustworthy service to everyone who walks into our stores.

Based on your feedback, we’ve put together a plan so we can serve you better. Over the next few weeks we’ll be implementing new ways to grow in these four areas:

  • Pricing

  • Availability/Reliability

  • Quality Assurance

  • Safety during COVID-19

First, we’ve put our focus on pricing, availability and reliability. Here’s what we’re doing …

Pricing, Availability & Reliability

We’ll be making it easier for customers to find affordable options by offering some more economical pricing. Every Thursday we’ll be releasing a list of new and returning products. And starting Tuesday, November 24, we’ll also be launching our new City Deals, a comprehensive list showing all our discounted products and featured deals per location. Updated City Deals can be found on our weekly mailout sent every Thursday. City Deals will bring some of the best pricing in British Columbia.

The very first City Deals release will coincide with this year’s Black Friday week (starting on Tuesday, November 24th)

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New & Returning Products | November 19


Red Congoles jar

Red Congolese by Gnomestar

City Cannabis Cindy-jack

Cindy Jack 3pk Pre roll by Weed Me

City cannabis oregon-golden-goat

Oregon Golden Goat 1g by Top Leaf



City Cannabis gnomestar-craft-cammabis-meat-breath

Meat Breath 3.5g by Gnomestar

City Cannabis DunnCannabis

Dunn Cannabis 3.5g by Artisan Batch

City Cannabis ice-cream-cake

Ice Cream Cake 3.5g by Indiva



City Cannabis Twd sativa

Sativa 15gr by Twd.

City cannabis Royal-city

RC Royal Goddess 3.5g by Royal City

Red Congoles jar

Red Congolese by Gnomestar

City cannabis Ice-cream-cake-preroll

Ice cream cake 1g Pre roll by Qwest



Red Congoles jar

Red Congolese by Gnomestar

City cannabis comatose-kush

Comatose Kush by Gnomestar


City cannabis Deals Black Friday

Check out our blog on Tuesday, November 24th, for our first edition of City Deals. And keep an eye out for more exciting updates and announcements in your inbox in the coming weeks.


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